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So I hear it's More Joy Day. I'm so out of touch. Also working 12 hour shifts for the next couple days.

So I'm doing what I can today, which is this. I'm offering to write a fic of at least 1000 words for anyone on my flist who would like one. Any pairing, any rating as long as it's in a fandom I'm familiar with.

Not sure how long it will take. Depends on how many requests and how much brushing up I'll have to do. But it will happen.

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Getting My Shit Together.

It's been a year since I posted anything on my journal and that's pretty unacceptable, especially since I've been popping in from time to time.

So today I start getting sorted. I'll whack all my fics on AO3 and then spend at least 10 hours a week writing more. I have a few (meaning a million) ideas cooking, which I'm just starting to get into shape.

I will be needing a beta. So if anyone can forgive my absenteeism and put up with my convoluted sentences and comma abuse, I'd be super grateful.

Oh, and I did manage to quit smoking, so go me!

Writer's Block: Happy New Year!

What is your New Year’s Resolution?
There are many.
1) Quit smoking. Again. For good this time.
2) Get a new job where the boss doesn't hang up on me for telling him no for a change.
3) Achieve something positive every day. And keep a note of it.
4) Buy a brand new car. Like new new, not another Top Gear Cheap Car Challenge type car that I love literally to death.
5) (Even though I keep hearing there is no five...) Actually keep to my New Years Resolutions.

Fics and Beta Love.

due South Seekrit Santa has been revealed!

I was given a really remarkable Fraser/ Kowalski story called Time Passing In A Car, by shayheyred. Here is the link, which I can't seem to make pretty. http://archiveofourown.org/works/297213  I can't squee enough about it, because it has bored, snippity Ray and slightly pissed but mostly confused Fraser. And Time, which is, I suppose, the whole problem with everything.

I wrote one called Moving On From the Light for exbex. It's out of my comfort zone, being Ray/Ray, but I think I did a not too shabby job of it, thanks to heartofdavid. As always, she showed me where my words failed me and helped me to see where the coffee table was about to be ruined. But best of all, she made me smile when the stress of it all was threatening to send me into some kind of episode. I loves her sooo much.
Story here... http://archiveofourown.org/works/295527

Oh. And Happy New Year!

Things I've Been Doing Instead of This.

Believe it or not, I haven't done anything Christamssy, except for write a DSSS  fic. And that was quite a mission with all the other stuff going on.

I've been chauffeuring lady horses around for not so clandestine trysts with gentleman horses. One poor girl stayed for two days and didn't get the hot date after all. So that was  2 separate 4 hour drives for no good reason.

I've been working like a mad thing. And doing 12 hour shifts pretty much negates productivity in the other 12 hours.

But the thing that I both loved and hated the most was Little Bobby....

Little BobbyCollapse )

Seekrit Santa Letter.

Just because only one person will probably read it....

under the cut...Collapse )

I can has spider!

Thank you kalijean for my very cute spidey. I just found him.


Preparing for His Debut.

Title: Preparing for His Debut.
Fandom: Top Gear
Pairing: Richard/His hands.
Word Count:1580
Notes: This started life as a comment on a drawing by linane. It is here and it's purdy. That, in turn was inspired by a delicious story by wyvernchick, which is here. If it sucks, I apologise profusely to you both.
I haven't had it betaed because I wanted to get it out of my head before I start an insane run of 12 hour shifts that will keep me pretty much off the net for about 10 days or so. Let me know if I need to fix anything.
Also, fiction, totally and utterly not true.

Read on....Collapse )

Because I Kind of Miss This Stuff

jadekirk had this meme up and it was interesting.

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.
Upon request, I will post a random line or two from any of these you choose. Assuming that the file adds up to a full line, that is.
Feel free to request as many times as you wish, and it's okay to ask for the same file more than once.

My list is small.Collapse )


Just Kill Me Now.

So I finished the 13th Sword of Truth novel and, surprise surprise! the bloody thing ended with a minor win that means the real threat is still at large. I'm getting kind of sick of it.
Rant included.Collapse )



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